Scholar Free Spirit Thrill Seeker

You constantly thirst for knowledge. You actively forge your own path, and are unafraid of the unknown.


Let’s break it down.

Your LQ is a summary of your learning style and can say a lot about your ability to adapt in a constantly changing work environment. Do you prefer a tried-and-true approach to age-old problems; or do you plunge right in, tackling new challenges with innovative solutions?

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Your LQ indicates you're intellectually hungry, constantly gathering knowledge regardless of practicality or usefulness. You likely enjoy a wide range of subjects and gravitate towards cultural hobbies. This is an excellent approach to learning—just be careful you don’t neglect your practical skills while getting lost down fascinating rabbit holes.

Free Spirit

You tend to question authority and have a strong independent streak coupled with an original style. You might find yourself interested in new trends, but only so you can build and improve upon them—or defy them altogether. This outlook can make you a real groundbreaker, but be careful to share the limelight with your more conservative peers—what you accomplish alone may pale to what you can accomplish with a team.

Thrill Seeker

You love trying new experiences and meeting new people. You thrive on the unusual and are quickly bored by the predictable and familiar. For you, plans are limiting—you’d rather jump right in and figure things out along the way. But don’t forget to look once in a while before you leap and maybe pay attention to your more cautious peers if they feel you’re going too far off the rails (with a grain of salt, of course.)

Ready to build your LQ?

Your Learnability Quotient can be a helpful snapshot of your learning style, but it's hardly set in stone. There's always room to fine-tune your approach to new challenges. These articles offer some great insights for lifelong learners with similar LQs to your own. What is Learnability? Click to learn more.

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